New Here…
Tonia Addison-Hall

Hi, Tonia! Welcome to Medium. Roy and Jack are spot on. You might also want to check out Gail Boenning. She doesn’t get particularly political, but so many of us find her writing lovely and engaging. She’s in my top two.

I don’t fit any political category. I am a religious, philosophical, political mutt, and the generalizations people constantly make about the other (as if there’s only one other), make me want to pull my hair out. Therefore, I have to strictly restrict my political reading, and stick with…not too political writers.

I mostly write about the mundane. Gardening. My dog. The job I love that makes me want to shove sugar in my mouth. I’m not sure I’d recommend me. :) But, I would recommend, if you like a writer, checking out who he or she is reading. I found a number of people to follow when I creeped Roy Schlegel’s page, for instance.