people that post anti-science nonsense
I’m Offended

I’m back. Hope you don’t mind.

I haven’t seen what you have in the way of anti-science stuff, but I’ve seen generalizations that if you’re not resisting the president, you’re obviously anti-science. Because of that, I wondered if the prevalence of actual anti-science was, quite possibly, being exaggerated like everything else seems to be?

Here are some other questions, while I’m at it. If we do have any control over the global warming now, does anybody else wonder how we can possibly make even the slightest difference if we continue to consume the way we do?

Finally, is it not within the realm of possibility that, if we got the mismanagement and financial waste under control, we could do more science with less money? Theoretically. (I’m asking this here because I am hoping it will be taken seriously as opposed to me being accused of being a greedy conservative.)


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