Hahaha you’re right. The irony is that I actually detest talking about politics.
Exquisite Corpse

I’m fairly new to politics. I’m 54, but until recent years, I can’t honestly say I knew a republican from a democrat. In fact, my husband looked at me like I was from another planet when he brought up a current event, and I didn’t comprehend what he was telling me because I didn’t know left from right, liberal from conservative. (He’s always been politically minded, was raised that way, but I was more interested in survival before I met him.)

I think, at first, he thought I was being difficult, but when he finally realized I genuinely didn’t know, he gave me a primer. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe people could be divided into cut and dry categories like that based on such personal beliefs and opinions. What do you mean the left is pro-choice? ALL of them? They can’t ALL be. I remember being emphatic. Generalizations have always driven me crazy.

Turns out, I am none of the above.

And then a year ago I came here to Medium. And I’ve seen many of the things you mentioned (frequently within Medium Editors’ Choice selections)in your posts the last couple days, and wow. So this piece made me laugh, but I’m not so sure it’s funny, because I’m not sure the people you described will even recognize themselves. Either that or they will, but they’ll justify the…extreme…as you did with your last line today.

I haven’t written many political pieces. Three or four, maybe. But, every once in a while it feels good to let it out. Like a pressure release valve, or something.

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