Maybe this experience made me an untrusting person. Maybe I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist.
Everyone is collecting data on us all the time. I always assume someone is listening or watching.

It’s funny. After I liked and commented on your first line here, I read the rest and realized we differ quite a bit. Not that you are at all wrong to feel the way you do, but, though I agree that it’s realistic to assume everything you do online is can be seen, I don’t stress over it. If someone were to steal my identity, they’d regret it….there’s not much there to steal, especially in the way of money. My biggest concern is the possibility of losing my job, and the things I write online are far from radical. My Facebook wall is rated-G, completely school-appropriate. Here, I’ve been a bit more open, but nothing that would get me fired. I have no real secrets. The main reason I write anonymously is to vent occasionally about my sister, and to bitch about standardized testing and teacher evaluation now and then. Maybe I’m naive, but since I have never thought of anywhere online as a “safe place” anyway, I don’t feel financially or emotionally vulnerable.

Sorry if this veers off from the original topic, Meg. I am not privy to the conversation you are replying to. I just found your avoidance of online banking and cloud storage, etc. interesting.

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