Like Night and Day

I’m feeling like a new person. Like I’m ten pounds lighter…though I’d be willing to bet I gained a pound or two during last week’s pity party. Among other things, I gobbled my considerable stash of dark chocolate, along with the hubby’s m&ms. (I swear I tried to resist, but he left them in plain sight for over a week, and, well, I caved.) And, today someone left pumpkin bars in the work room unattended…a recipe for disaster, since I’m hopeless around anything pumpkin. Or anything cream cheese, for that matter. (But I didn’t have the Laffy Taffys, or the Twizzlers so there is that.)

So, yeah, I probably better get a handle on that sugar thing, pronto.

But, my cardio calendar is filling up, my food choices are pretty healthy otherwise, and I feel fantastic…which is about ten times better than I felt last week. Phew.

My weekend was lovely. The weather was glorious, so I spent most of it outside. When I wasn’t hanging out in the yard, I was reading a mindless romance novel or watching Netflix. Saturday night we went out with some musician friends who were playing at a private party. The whole weekend was exactly what I needed.

I did a bit of batch cooking, too. Though it’s tedious as hell, I know it will save me a ridiculous amount of time and effort this week.

Which brings me back to feeling lighter.

The difference is like night and day. Even though I had to stay late for the yearly training I never look forward to (how to safely restrain a student should it become necessary — let’s just say I hope it never becomes necessary, because I am the least coordinated person on the planet), I had a really nice Monday. I got to share some of my cool technology, added a couple things to my portfolio. figured out a problem I had with a project I want to do with my math class, researched iPads and other tablets for a grant, AND calmly taught my classes with the sole intention of enjoying my kids. It was fabulous.

And, I actually have Medium to thank for it. The conclusions I came to while writing my last piece had a profound impact on my approach. And my motivation. I know now that I can focus on the parts of teaching I love, beef up my instruction with the spiffy technology, and still create an exciting, authentic portfolio without adding too much to my workload.

That’s huge.

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