“Buddy, guess what?!? We looked at your brain and we found out that it is AMAZING! It’s just like a race car. It goes fast! You have a wonderful brain, but there’s something else… your brain was so busy making you so smart that it forgot to install the breaks on your car, so your medicine is going to be like your breaks, it will help you slow down and know what is important to pay attention to and what isn’t. You’re going to love being able to think slower too because it will help prevent you from getting mad and fighting with your friends and teachers.”
That’s all good.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Love this whole thing! Smart, and wise, too! I may have to steal this someday.

I’ve seen a lot of ADHD in 19 years, but I also live with a man whose symptoms sound very much like yours…I’ve witnessed the struggle you describe. Everything you say is true.

I obviously misinterpreted your meaning when you asked why last resort. I thought you were saying it should be the first resort, because (and rightly so) why should anyone have to suffer like that? I should have known better.

Race car brain…brilliant.

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