My Message Will ALWAYS be Peace

My grand”kids”

Every once in a while, when Carters is having a sale, I give my daughter my credit card info to do a little online baby clothes shopping. Sure, I could do it myself, but who knows better what the sweetest baby in the entire world needs?


Anyway, I woke to find this picture in my Facebook messages. Apparently, “I” bought the outfit…

A message of peace. Across three generations. Completely unprompted.

My daughter IS the light. Because my candle lit her candle…and hers will kindle little K’s.

Of this I have no doubt.

It was intimated (okay, stated) by a few white writers recently that my message isn’t strong enough. Not urgent enough. Not objective enough. Harmful, even.

Fortunately, the black writers I interact with seem to think I’m okay.

Even so, I think I’ll stick to being kind to all, and to reading and learning and spreading the word in my own way…to my family, my students, and my small, rural community, where I’m more sure than ever I can actually make a difference.

That doesn’t mean I won’t gladly share messages of light, peace, love, hope and kindness on here. But, if fighting the battle means being inflammatory, you’ll have to count me out.

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