How can you be just fine with that?
Kady M.

Sorry to interrupt. I generally don’t write stand-alone political pieces, because though I’m confident in my beliefs, I’m not as confident in my ability to express them. So I’m just going to plop this down right here.

Anyway, I agree with much of what you write, but this sums it up for me…

We are where we are. Time will tell.

All the obsessing, marching, protesting, is not going to change the fact that Trump is president.

Would I be shocked if he did something stupid enough to get himself impeached?

Not at all.

But, all this noise is not going to make it happen.

Progressives are claiming they can’t sleep. They can’t eat. They can’t read a book.They can’t work. Their blood sugar is being affected? Good grief, is there anything good coming from all this RESISTANCE? Because, last time I checked, he was still President.

And, people are supposed to feel bad if they don’t resist? That makes them complicit?

I think not.

All the rioting, name calling, race-baiting, generalizations, and ridiculous Hitler comparisons have done nothing but stir the pot.

If this nonsense continues for another 8 years, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

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