Haha! Way to take the high road RM!
Gail Boenning

Thanks, Gail, but I think it’s more cowardly than taking the high road. I’ve been kind of…pissy, for lack of a better word, about this place since the 4th, and I have a poem rolling around in my head I know I’m better off not sharing.

But, what was that you said again about trying not to alter your writing to be what everybody expects you to be? I distinctly remember nodding my head in agreement.

But, this is the kind of crap that goes through my head…

My politically-minded readers will be disappointed/annoyed because most of them will disagree. My my non-political readers will be disappointed/annoyed because they don’t want drama in their feeds. I might come across as insensitive. I’ll be accused of being “probably racist but too ignorant to know it.” Again.

Is it worth it?

I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Just in case, would you be willing to privately share your email with me? I’d hate to lose touch.

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