The Best Thing EVER

Crazy hair, don’t care

May I just say that being a grandma is the best thing ever?

I know women have been experiencing grandmother-hood since humans have existed, but to me it feels totally unique, like a monumental gift exclusively for me.

Special times infinity.

I think part of it is, we weren’t sure my daughter was going to be able to have children. She has some health issues that, for a while, made it a big, fat question mark. After eight, long years of her trying, I had just begun to accept it probably wasn’t meant to be.


But another part is about family.

When Kaleigh was here a few weeks ago, it hit me that she’s going to have memories of me, just as I do my Grandma. In my case, it was baking dream bars, hopping on the city bus to catch an afternoon show, walking down to the corner store, little dishes of butter mints, colorful aluminum tumblers, Tinker Toys.

Little things, really, but things I only experienced with her.

Who knows what Kaleigh will remember about me. I hope she’ll think I was fun. That I was silly. That I loved her more than life itself. But, no matter what, I hope she remembers me as fondly as I remember my Gram.

My new favorite game…slam yourself down on the dog bed.

When I was at my sister’s house last weekend, I found a picture of my mom when she was young. Her resemblance to Kaleigh brought tears to my eyes. My parents have been gone for almost twenty years now, and it’s just now starting to register that my granddaughter is a part of them, too.

How wonderful is that?

My mom.