Inconvenient Truths Never To Be Spoken
Mike Essig

This makes me all warm and fuzzy. ;)

Seriously, I hope this isn’t reality for me, but I know it’s true for many. I keep thinking I need to be a better friend, be more active in my community, etc. so I’m not lonely in my old age (which is sneaking up rather quickly), but that would be selfish and disingenuous. I’m a homebody, and will likely always be a homebody. I enjoy being alone, and have rarely, if ever, been lonely…I can only hope that doesn’t change.

I have to work until 67 to get full retirement (if there’s anything left), so that should keep me busy for the next 13 years or so. I sometimes curse my late start to teaching, but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise! After that I’ll still have about ten acres of landscaping to maintain…as long as I can walk! I need to start saving for my Hoveround.

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