why should they be a last resort for a kid who has ADHD?
I don’t think meds are a last resort for Diabetics, why should they be a last resort for a kid who…
H. Nemesis Nyx

You make me think. I like that.

As you implied, it’s a physiological problem, but to me it seems like there are varying degrees. For cases like yours, meds. are necessary. For others, I’m honestly not sure. I just know when I look at the number of kids on meds, it seems excessive.

I have had several students over the years who took medicine when they were younger, but hated the way it made them feel (even after exploring different brands and dosages). It really does effect each kid differently. By the time they got to junior high or high school, and were old enough to learn different techniques to help them focus, the kids stopped taking the medicine and with minor accommodations were able finish school (and do well) without them…they felt the struggle was worth it. Of course they weren’t so bright that they were bored silly, either.

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