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Your comment was about me, our exchange was on MY piece, and I have read some of what you’ve written. So, yes, because of all of that, I felt it was okay to comment. I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic…I meant it. You are mistaken about my intentions.

I wasn’t trying to get her to say I was right or she was wrong, I was trying to be courteous and respond to all of her responses. There were many, it had gone on all day, I was tired, and I made a mistake. I incorrectly assumed, because she knew me, she wouldn’t be hurt by what I said. I was wrong, and I responded to her as such. I believe you deduced incorrectly, but feel free to block me.

And H wonders why I can’t allow myself to worry about whether or not everybody likes me. How quick we are to jump to conclusions about the motivations of others.

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