In discussion with a math prof at a midwest university, we were both appalled that midwest state governments have been eliminating federally-recommended “core standards” for K-12, tossing away all the work done to uphold them, and replacing them with ‘lesser requirements’ requiring additional support work, which don’t stress comprehension and application of learnings, just at a time when business/industry are asserting that they must hire from abroad because the expertise required isn’t available in the USA. Futhermore, lowering standards will not only make midwest schools out-of-sync with eastern-western university entrance standards, but will effectively create a decade or more of unemployable graduates. The lesser standards enable memorization but do not test true cognitive achievement by applied knowledge.

The sad politicization of education is increasing the cost of acquiring an education which will make a graduate employable, i.e., additional cost of catchup courses to meet nationwide staandards and business/industry requirements, and, it is creating a second-tier education system in the midwest.

Who shall pay for the educational adjustments as a result of bad politics out of sync with the rest of the USA and the world ?

Worse, yet, many young people are adept at coding, but without the logic and understanding built upon a ‘core standard’ of cognitive development, will the future hirees be able to be trusted to code complex systems, complex programming, and most importantly, if they code AI-systems, will their programs implementations cause harm to people for lack of basic understanding of principles of logic required for and effective/efficient/quality AI system ?

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