“Hard and intense focus will always create reality”

I don’t think I have a ‘strong face’ or a firm and inflexible facial expression. Well, I rather not act as if I can look upon my face without the help of a mirror. Has anyone noticed that sometimes what we see in the mirror is proportionate to what we see on the inside. If your heart’s environment is messed up, your outward projections will be inevitably messy.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Heard that on numerous occasions and I may have to agree that beauty can be relative (though I don’t subscribe to relativism). This is why a plain lady in your eyes may be another’s crush. The beauty that catches your heart’s awe may incite disdain with another.

I hope I have been able to convince you that I don’t have a stony face even if you may never be confronted by my appearance.

This piece has nothing to do with my appearance, but has everything to do with what I have gleaned from the unpredictable wind of life by objective observations and a few personal experiences. I am referring to what I describe as a face fixed on a fixation. A healthy fixation that doesn’t blink. Stone-faced as used here implies a tentative focus that defies all distractions.

It is worthwhile to note that most people don’t turn out as success in life not because of a lack of potential or talent but an inability to focus solely on the price before them. Passion or talent will never suffice in making the most of our life. I remember vividly what I had to lose in times past because of a scattered focus. I would start up things and be filled with pump for it long until another idea solicits my attention.

It is good to have a desire to be and do all things, but time and events have proven that it is better to concentrate on a particular assignment, get done with it, and move on to the other. We may be multi talented but we don’t have the ability to focus on several things at the same time and with same intensity.

Inasmuch as the vicissitudes and variables of everyday living may have to be dealt with in the course of carrying out a project; concentrated focus gives us strength and stamina to stay on course. The tough experiences may serve a not-too-obvious purpose in building our muscles to face the challenges ahead of us.

Dreams may give you a glimpse of the vision but dedication and focus will drag it from the realm of dreamland to physical manifestation.

Asking questions will save you from experiencing some avoidable pitfalls; so do well to ask intelligent questions when necessary. The snag may be the so called paralysis of analysis. You are bombarded by different views that your view becomes blurred and nebulous.

So, I implore you to resolutely fix your attention to a particular direction, stay focused until you achieve your goal. Doubts and instability will destroy your dreams and projects faster than a catastrophe or cataclysmic occurrence will.

Enter faith and its limitless opportunities. Faith in God is refulgent of new possibilities and transcends the limits of humanity. When all your efforts and human capability crumble; look up to God to source resources for your life and purpose.

“I have set my face like a flint,” is the mantra of success. I adopted it and it works. Though sometimes I allow my eyes to be drawn to sideshows that stultify my progress; I somehow always come to my senses and return my focus to a desired fixed point.

So here is a summary of what we have been reflecting on.

  1. Have a fix point- what you want the most at a given time
  2. Resolutely fix your focus on the fixed point.
  3. Develop a strong intensity- your staying power against unpleasant occurrences.
  4. Listen- but don’t be paralysed by over-analysis.
  5. Have faith in God.

Your focus easily shapes your perspective. You ultimately become what you behold.


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