Can Open Source Contribution Help Bridge the Gender Gap in Tech?

We Can Code It — CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Charis Tsevis

I am looking to interview technical women who are anticipating, or have in the past, had to take time away from their career to care for themselves, or family members. This might include:

  • Parental/Maternity leave
  • Elder care
  • Childcare
  • Care for critically, or terminally ill family member
  • Self-care/Transitions

The topic “How might lending technical skills to open source projects act as a career bridge during life transitions”. What we learn from these interviews will inform the design of a project to empower and connect women facing similar career challenge.

The interviews will be conducted by me (Emma Irwin), I took a year off maternity for each of my three daughters during my software development career, as well as additional time to care for critically & terminally ill family members. Consider these interviews a safe space.

All findings will be anonymized, no names will be shared.

You can sign up, or encourage someone you know to sign up for an available spot here.

  • If you have questions, you can email me sign up for a interview directly via Calendly:
  • These interviews are voluntary, but I do have a Firefox notebook to send as thanks afterwards.
  • I do understand that men take leave for many of the same reasons, but this research is currently focused on women, and people who identify as women.


Open Source Programs Office, Microsoft. Previously @Mozilla, @Benetech

Open Source Programs Office, Microsoft. Previously @Mozilla, @Benetech