FilterBubbler @ Grace Hopper Open Source Day

15 women joined Mozilla for Open Source Day at Grace Hopper

One of my favorite events in the year — Grace Hopper Open Source Day is a one day hackathon, that brings technical women, and open source projects together for a collaborative and inspired day of learning. This year was Mozilla’s 3rd year as a participant project, and our best experience yet!

Mozilla’s Grace Hopper Project — FilterBubbler

This year we brought Mozilla’s FilterBubbler, and an amazing team — including FilterBubbler’s lead Ean Schuessler, Open Innovation Team’s Arielle Kilroy, Outreachy alumi Irene Storozhko and Bianca Danforth and additional support from Grace Hopper volunteer mentors Rukayat Erinfolami, Camille Malonzo and Renana Yacobi.

I went through the closed pull requests last night and my socks were knocked off by the great variety of work — from code cleanup and refactoring to localization and even a new source.
Don Marti, Mozilla Open Source Experiments

A successful pull request can tell us a lot about how clear our documentation and task descriptions are, whether or not builds are too complex, and how effective mentorship is in helping people navigate the time bound nature of hackathons. Our 15 participants submitted 11 pull requests!

It was difficult to understand how the project worked because I was not familiar with the React/Redux model but the mentors took their time to answer my questions!
— Yunduz Rakhmangulova

To have so many pull requests, represents a healthy project pathway for contributor engagement over all, and is a reflection of a well prepared, and invested team.

Mozilla @ Grace Hopper Special Sticker

For the project team this was also a great opportunity to evaluate their project’s readiness for participation.

I now know what a hackathon is like, and how to prepare the tasks so that the participants would feel they accomplished and learned something. I also better understand what can be done in 4 hours.
- Irene Storozhko

FilterBubbler, as a relatively new project now has a majority of contributors who identify as women and an opportunity to continue leading inclusive design for open source.

See you next year!