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  • H Paul Johnson

    H Paul Johnson

    enjoy being

  • Jessica Osorio

    Jessica Osorio

    Mobile Growth Hacker @Mozilla. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessosorio/

  • matthew zeier

    matthew zeier

    My name is mrz. Fan of #Mozilla, #MozillaIT, #Webmaker, & #YearUp. I work @Mozilla with @MozillaIT. I am dad, husband, son. I am @mrz.

  • Kelvin Çobanaj

    Kelvin Çobanaj

    Web & Mobile Software Engineer. Used to work for a Y-Combinator backed company at age of 15.

  • Dana Bauer

    Dana Bauer

  • Meredith Underell

    Meredith Underell

    Front end engineer. Gym bound. Snowboarder. Hearts spontaneous adventures & fashion. Ladies Learning Code Chapter Lead.

  • Jonathan Brier

    Jonathan Brier

  • Jeff Jacob

    Jeff Jacob

    Web developer , pc gamer, open standards fanboy, husband, gov worker, cat and code lover and sometimes photographer.

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