The Impending Cancer That is — Donald Trump

I often say cancer is a slow-motion car crash. One where a beautiful life — strong, respected, capable and inspiring is (without their permission or intent) slowly reduced to a shadow of who they were.

Those facing cancer are made aware-of ( up front!), the painful, and long-lasting side effects of fighting-back. They also know — doing nothing is fatal. Obama’s speech tonight made me feel the same way about Trump’s impending risk to America, and the world.

Moving from an Obama presidency of dignity, responsibility and class to one of hatred, division and entitlement is a real threat on life…not just a ‘way of life’, but life itself — and for the entire world. Truly, it’s an act of entitlement to think we can coast for 4 more years without fighting back — and yes there may be some very bad side-effects, but nothing like the alternative.

The next 4 years is all about activism; about fighting and taking a stand. I’m in — I hope you are too.

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