How Cool C and Steady B Robbed a Bank, Killed a Cop and Lost Their Souls
Michael A. Gonzales

Wow!!!!! As I’m reading the article I’m in total shock because I just moved back to Philly last year to meet my Biological Family on my Father’s side. I’m reading this article aloud to my cousins from Jersey and realize all this took place in Olney where I’m currently domiciled. I am a hip hop artist who grew up listening to both of these artist. What’s so weird is my aunt that I reside with used to take care of Wood Wood’s Mother of 3 X Dope up until a few months ago. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone how all of this correlates with my life and taking shape. I guess I push for looking for my Biological Mother’s side now. Great Article! One of the best I have read by far. So much history and you capture the essence of Philly….

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