5 of My Greatest Challenges Overcome in 2015

There were many fears I overcame in the year 2015. On December 1st 2014 we moved to an island in Washington. I have lived in Southern California my entire life. My friends, my family, my Church and my children’s friends are all there.

David Lee Jensen and I had no idea what we were getting into; our family was ready for an adventure. Within two months of this move we went full time establishing and expanding The Hiring Academy and our new company Infinite Freedom, Inc. We had worked nights and weekends since 2011, my husband wrote The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret​ which became a number one best seller. We knew that we grew the company as much as we could on the time (nights & weekends) that we could put into it. We went all-in and bet on ourselves. Prior to this move we had a very comfortable job and a very comfortable lifestyle. We had several great perks including amazing business trips around the world. My sons both were running successful careers in the entertainment industry and had booked several jobs each year.

This year we did over 3X the production of all previous years, our comparison month of December to December is a 30X increase and I have never felt this happy. It is not to say that there aren’t days without stress, effort and problems, but knowing that every problem solved and every barrier overcome it all goes back into our company and for our future.

My greatest challenges that I overcame this year were:

  • Overcoming the opinions of others. The toughest challenge was to stop listening to what others think. It is easier to stop blaming others for mistakes made and learning from them instead.
  • Stop comparing my life to others. I was connected on Facebook and instead of using it as a tool for helping others, I would look at others lives and compare that to my own.
  • Making my opinion and my husband’s the senior opinion in our family and decisions. This has led to our greatest successes.
  • Tightening up my budget and knocking off all waste. I didn’t run a scarcity but I made sure that I did not waste or overspend on needless things.
  • Disagreeing with the status quo of society. Working 9–5 is a lie, family vacations, all routines that are structures by another entity than yourself. We work based on getting products rather than a minute by minute or hour by hour. We use business trips to create vacations and always stay productive — that doesn’t mean we didn’t go swimming with Sea Turtles or Snow Boarding in the winter it was just built around staying productive.
  • #LiveTheLifeYouLove — I believe in this phrase wholeheartedly. We were not put on this planet to walk a conveyor belt and follow the structures laid out by government or times of the past. We build and create our own life with our own imagination and creativity so that we can be happy. I believe your happiness is dependent upon your production towards named out goals and purposes. The more productive you are the happier you will be.

Have an incredible 2016!

Sunny Jensen

Sunny Jensen

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