Beautiful Conversation between a father and a daughter.

One day, a father and his daughter were enjoying cool breeze on a sea shore. The sky was like a curtain of silk. The sea was jewel-blue and tides were kissing their feet.

Looking at the sky, daughter asked her father : Hey dad, who is the most beautiful, powerful and humble person in this world?

Dad (with a big smile) : You.

Daughter (confused) : Me ? How?

Dad : Right now you are little. You are the most beautiful and sweetest person on this planet. Then you will grow old and become a responsible youth. You will be powerful enough to fight against injustice and help others to make this planet a peaceful place. Then one day, you will become a mother. A Mother is the most humble and kind hearted person in this world. She is the purest form of love. So, I hope you got the answer.

With tears in her eyes, daughter gave a tight hug to her father.

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