Pepper: Object Sharing with Holograms

Project Statement

Object Scanning

Image of object scanning functionality of Pepper app.

Object Sharing

Image of object sharing functionality of Pepper product.

Final Storyboard

Storyboard of object scanning + sharing


The Creative Process

Initial work

(Left) Photo of initial cone prototype constructed with 3D Printed mount and thin plastic sheet. (Right) Photo of initial cone prototype in use.
Photo of pepper’s ghost hologram projected onto a pyramid screen.
Photo of free-standing screen prototype, consisting of plastic, tape, and paper clips.
(Top) Initial cardboard prototype of box form form. (Bottom) Photo of fish hologram projected within box form in dark lighting.

Second Iteration

Annotated sketch of pyramid form inside a partially open box form.
Video of rotating pyramid form with 4 different sides of the shared object displayed.
Sketches of second iteration of free-standing screen. (Left) Carrying case for phone stand and plastic screen. (Right) Assembled free-standing screen set up for hologram projection.
Storyboard of user interaction with free-standing set up.
Photo of free-standing screen second iteration.
Storyboard of user interaction with permanent box form for hologram projection.
(Top) Photo of permanent, closed-walled box form with transparent screen. (Bottom) Photo of permanent, open-walled box form with reflective screen.
(Top Left) Sketch of “Pizza Box” type box. (Top Right) Sketch of “Play Mat” type box. (Bottom Left) Sketch of “Slots” type box. (Bottom Right) Sketch of “Sticks” type box.

Final Iteration

Photos of final iteration of permanent box form. Last two show a hologram projection using this product.
Photos of final iteration of portable box form. (Top) Collapsed box. (Bottom) Assembled box.
Video of assembling final iteration of portable box form.


Future Work




UX Designer

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Sunny Li

Sunny Li

UX Designer

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