About Me

I am currently a student studying Event Management at the University of Lincoin. I have been in great interest in management consulting since my sophomore year. My passion on consulting started with several articles written my Victor Chang, a former consultant at Mckinsey&Company who started his own website training people to become business consultants. From his articles, I started to realize how exciting and challenging a consultant job is, and I believe being a consultant can maximize my potential and energy. .

I have done some internships in the area of consulting before. During the summer of 2013, I worked as an intern consultant at a new consulting firm called JiuQian. From this intern, I was able to know consulting better. I started to apply some business models to analyze real cases, and I was also able to finish two projects with other colleges in the areas of luxury market and supply chain. During my second internship, I worked also as an intern consultant focusing on market research. These intern experiences benefit me a lot, and I will keep doing my job hunting for more internships in the future before I graduate.

I take consulting as my future career, and I keep making myself stronger by conducting case studies and learning different industries from various resources. Thank you.

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