When is enough, enough

Enough excitement, sadness… Love

When did saying “I love you” lose all its value and meaning? When did we lose touch with our senses and feelings?

Love used to mean so much. It meant everything you felt about one person. It was the one thing you could say to show how you felt about them. The step above Like.

Remember when saying, “I like you” to someone was enough? It was such a big deal when we were kids. In grade school, that all we wanted our crush’s to say to us. A mutual attraction and understanding. It was the best feeling in the world. The fact that someone you liked, liked you back. Yes, that was a wonderful time.

A time of innocence, excitement, hope, and uncertainty.

Back then, ‘I like you” was the end goal.

Yet, we have come to a place where “I love you” isn’t enough.

Saying, “I love you” was the end game. It meant that you had found, “The One”. It meant you were an adult. That’s it. There was nothing higher than those three magical words.

Sadly, Love isn’t enough anymore. Love hasn’t meant the same thing for a long while now. It was enough…

Before ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. Before you realized her parents hated you. Before you realized you no longer loved or were no longer loved. Before he or she cheated. Before that adorable little quirk, become the most annoying thing. Before you discovered something she didn’t like, that you had a passion for. Before she had enough of your hobbies. Before you sacrificed to do something together just to make her happy.

It was enough before, you though you could handle long distance, but it had only brought out your faults and weakness. It was before you gave up on her. Before you said, I thought I loved you.” Before you were ready for marriage and kids and she wasn’t. Before you bored her. It was enough when before she realized she didn’t wanna grow old together. Or maybe before someone else started changing your thoughts.

Saying, “I love you” was enough before we had our hearts broken to pieces, and before we hurt others unintentionally.

“‘I love you was enough until you found out it wasn’t.’” (Philip Wang)

In our life today, love has lost all what it had meant.

We have given up on the idea of love.

What more can we say or do than these three silly accidental words, put together used to mean the epitome of the way you felt about someone.

What’s next…

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