How Extreme Need Leads to Male Entitlement
Emma Lindsay

“… what is the specific need that drives men to rape? …”

OMG!! Are you serious? And you compare “need to rape” with “need to pee”??

When you need to urinate there will come a point when humans urinate where or not the context is appropriate. If someone is maliciously blocking your access to appropriate facilities you may well get to a point where you squeeze past. But SO WHAT??!!

A man’s body will never INVOLUNTARILY spontaneously rape or orgasm or perform sexually intrusive acts. It will never “need” to. The fact that some men choose to harm another human because it consciously rationalises that his own desire trumps another human’s right to not be harmed makes decent people appalled … It never raises a shred of sympathy for the poor man’s “unmet need”.

Can’t begin to express the contempt I have for this BS.

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