years ago , i was wondering why some people we feel that their prays got responded and they have blessings on all their days, even the people that around them.

their life is easy! you can imagine that everything you ask you can get by pray, its such magical feeling.

i lost this feeling for many years, i had bad experiences and was rounded with bad people, i was suffering a lot , actually i don’t like to remember these days

but starting from this year the blessings got back to my life, i changed the way of my praying with believe, that you pray is answered.

my life got easier happier, and yes miracles do exist.

Happy for my friend for her NEW Start

we all in life have this friend , who close like member from family, my friend that i write post about, she suffered a lot in her life.

her life was amazing till 2013 , when she lost many people and her…

Can we wake up from this nightmare

yes, i still sometimes just think that i am in a long bad nightmare, it has started in 31 of december 2019 , that day happened something during night after celebration new year evening with my family, i went to my bed …

New Step for getting Freedom

Today 1st of March in this new year, i start my new project , i worked hard last year focusing on one Goal, i want to be free, i want to be me, not what my manger wants me to be, not the company wants…

I know you’ll Marry Me

from the first time we met, i knew it, something between us more than love , or being lovers or even as a married couple.

i felt it and still feel it every day, there is spiritual link between us , i feel strange connection with you.

i tried to turn this page many times , and open my heart and soul to someone else but i cant decide if…


i love life

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