Cecily. I was pregnant.
Dissy Perez

This reads like the ramblings of a seriously mentally ill person and/or an attention seeking chronic victim. I had to force myself through the entire, never-ending paragraph of poor writing and pathetic grammar. None of this is real. You did NOT crawl around on your floor for 3 days drinking from the tub, unable to dial 911. Give us a break! You are either a professional troll with a lot of time on your hands, or you need psychiatric help immediately. Maybe both? In every scenario you describe, you are a victim in ways that are utterly ridiculous. You need an ambulance? CALL ONE. That was your first “storytelling” mistake. If your alleged employer denied you an ambulance after you allegedly suffered a head injury on their property, you could sue them for a substantial amount of money. Amazing how not one single person called an ambulance for you! Everyone banded together to deny you, shame you and make you suffer? If you are an attention seeking drama queen, learn to write in a way that is actually believable. Why would the author of this article even approve your ridiculous comment?

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