Catch the wave.

Why do you do what you do?

This is a loaded question that I like to ask people, often disrupting previously congenial teas, coffees, beers and Thanksgiving Feasts with this irritating interruption.


Because I want to know what drives them. What drives you?

Is it curiosity about what could be?

Impatience for what has not yet come?

Fear of losing something?

Your ego or desire to hold power over others? To have more?

To look good? To be ‘respectable’? In the eyes of whom? Your parents, or peers, or ‘people’?

The thing with asking this question is that in no time, the spotlight gets switched back on you. And you then immediately empathise with the difficulty of the question.

In truth, right now I am personally driven by a combination of all of the above, although I am attempting to gradually re-wire my brain to re-calibrate those drivers towards more positive, useful, selfless settings.

What I have discovered through asking this question though, is that what most people seem to appreciate and want most, is actually incredibly simple…

Connection with others.

To ‘get’ and to ‘be got’.


Dare I say it, love.

So how do we find such love and connection?

Be real.

During a recent trip to Austin, Texas, I took part in an ‘authentic relating’ exercise, playfully initiated and masterfully orchestrated by Sara Ness of the Austin Love Juggernaut, which you can find more about here.

To truly understand another human being, to empathise with them and get into their consciousness, even if just for a moment, is an infinitely powerful thing. It also requires authenticity from all parties.

While it can often take years and decades of shared experiences to achieve this state, Sara and her team have developed some magical methods to accelerate the cultivation of this true superpower.

And I saw that the potential of these techniques for our modern society, where deep and authentic connection is often lacking, is truly awesome.

This sense of immense potential is now beginning to be felt in certain communities, and the ripples are spreading, fast.

Soon there will be a wave, so grab your board now and start paddling.

Because when you’re riding that wave, you’ll feel invincible.

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