A Complete Guide For Shower Doors


Millions of Brits relish to start the day with a shower — a recent survey found that on average, we take over 200 showers per year compared to just 4 baths! For many households, a virtual and comfy showering space is a must-have feature so we’ve hoarded this handy buyers guide to help you create the perfect shower enclosure.

Count The Walls

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house so good planning is substantive to make the most of your space. Look at the layout of your sanitary ware, windows and other obstructions to assess which walls you can utilize to form the basis of your shower enclosure. One of the factor is to consider that it’s easier to set up shower pipes in a stud wall rather than a brick wall.

RECESSED — 3 walls needed

If you’ve got three walls that are close together, you can opt for a recessed installation which simply involves installing a shower door straight across the front to create the enclosure. There are five basic types of shower door on the market, which each have different pros.


Pivot Doors

This popular style of door has hinges at one side and opens out fully into the bathroom, which means it needs more space in front of the cubicle than other styles.
Both these doors feature a pivot mechanism that makes them recede slightly into the cubicle as they open so that less of the door comes forth out into the room. As less floor-space is needed to open the door than a hinged version it makes a better choice for smaller spaces.
Pivot shower doors allow for a distinct solution for your shower installation, allowing an unlined mechanism, ideal for maintaining a minimalist look throughout a modern-day suit. Browse and choose from an extensive range of our pivot framed doors, which are solely to the market.

Sliding Doors

A sliding door glides to one side on rollers and is another space-saving option as it does not impact on the room itself when opened. However, sliding doors are only manufactured from 1000mm sizes and larger, to ensure the opening is wide enough for comfy access so it’s unsuitable for recesses that are less than a meter wide.
Ideal for more compendious spaces, sliding shower doors allow for easy access to your shower and is flexible to the space in your bathroom. A stunning solution when complementing an adjourned shower enclosure, a sliding door allows for a large space in the enclosure that can be neatly packed in between walls. Elegant Showers sliding shower doors provide a smooth & easy mechanism that eliminates the need for some surrounding space around the shower enclosure.

Bi fold Doors

A bi-fold door concertinas in half and glides to one side which makes it another good space saver. As the door stays entirely within the cubicle it means any water on it stays within the shower enclosure.
Redesigning an old bathroom or building a new one is not the kind of project that is likely to be redone very frequently & easily, and is one of the more space-critical aspects of any construction. So you will definitely want to make a clever choice with the right product ,not only for the satisfaction, but also for spacious look. A bi-fold shower door may be the perfect answer to your design criteria. Elegant Showers work with top designers to fulfil the need of the customer, wide variety of doors listed on our site opens up a whole new spectrum of design & style opportunities. So browse from our extensive range, which is solely to the market.

Inline Panels

Inline doors are suitable for wider installations as it comes with a static glass panel that is installed alongside. This panel allows you to have a narrower door rather than a wide one that needs more space in front of the cubicle to open fully.
All the shower doors listed above will have optional side panels that convert them into a corner shower enclosure. Please visit Elegant Shower for further info. Our online experts will be more than happy to assist your further.


Here are some additional features that could help you decide which enclosure is best for you.

Quick Release Rollers

Good quality sliding doors and quadrants will feature quick release rollers that make it easier to keep your shower spotless. This type of roller has a special mechanism that allows you to push the door away from the bottom of the shower tray to make cleaning a breeze.

High Quality Glasses

Most of the customers got an experience of having a bad quality of glass when it comes to shower doors. No to overcome this issue, Elegant showers came up with the solution of 6mm safety tempered glass.

Tempered Glass?

Now millions of us didn’t really know the meaning of tempered glass.
Tempered safety glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process. The glass is placed onto a roller table, taking it through a furnace that heats it well above its transition temperature of 564 °C (1,047 °F) to around 620 °C (1,148 °F). The glass is then rapidly cooled with forced air drafts while the inner portion remains free to flow for a short time.
An alternative chemical toughening process involves forcing a surface layer of glass at least 0.1 mm thick into compression by ion exchange of the sodium ions in the glass surface with potassium ions (which are 30% larger), by immersion of the glass into a bath of molten potassium nitrate .Chemical toughening results in increased toughness compared with thermal toughening and is applied to glass objects of complex shapes.

Tempered Glass makes our shower doors more secure than that of our competitors.Also Elegant Shower, launches a stunning range of 8mm sliding doors too with nano technology which gives our customers an option to optimise the cleaning in their shower.

Raising The Bar Of Standards

Elegant Showers are one of the biggest bathroom online retailer based in the heart of West Midlands. The quality of our products is elegant, unparalleled and subordinate as to our competitors. We ensure unbeatable price and have teamed up with some of the top designers to make our bathrooms classy and idealistic, which offer a wide range of styles and are solely to the market.

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