Japanese Lacquer ware

Sustainable Japanese Crafts

Why Japanese traditional crafts are expensive?

I am trying to introduce Japanese crafts to the world recently however I always faced to the price issues. It is expensive. For Japanese people also feel too expensive to own but listening to craftsmen, most of them told me same thing, It is all handmade and devoted their craftsmanship so it is able to use more than 10 years with proper care and it is able to fix. So simply it is high quality item and long lasting. Moreover, you will find an ageing, especially Japanese lacquer ware change the surface from matte to polish and become more shining year by year. So the happening makes you develop emotional attachments to these crafts. So to be honest, it is still expensive but I can understand why it is expensive. So I bought Japanese lacquer ware to want have an experience of how good it is. it cost more than 10,000JPY ($120?) sometime you can meet fake lacquer ware, you should be careful of it, around $40 are mostly fake one. made by plastic not wooden one. Also not real Japanese lacquer. Anyway when I had it, eventually lie comfortably in my hand. When I drink instant miso soup, and take a sip from the lacquer ware, it is so mild and soft. Feel like I am drinking proper Japanese kaiseki restaurant miso soup. Moreover, the lacquer ware are antibacterial. So I found always there are reason. Japanese traditional crafts are expensive but worth having because there are quality proof, sustainable and long lasting. It is eco friendly to use rather than using $2 or $5 disposable plates.