$1 of Bitcoin at the beginning of the 2010s turned into more than $90,000 by the end of the decade. While not every cryptocurrency fared as well, creating something of such extreme value is no longer out of reach.

With the advancement of blockchain technology, more and more people have begun to wonder if it’s possible to create your own cryptocurrency. In short, the answer is yes. But there are quite a few different options to consider — and caveats to keep in mind — before you dive in.

After reading this article you will know exactly what a cryptocurrency is, how a coin is different from a token, business aspects of cryptocurrency creation, how to make your own cryptocurrency, and which solutions can be used to make your own cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Before diving into more complex concepts and which…

What is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. It provides high-level APIs in Java, Scala, Python and R, and an optimized engine that supports general execution graphs. It also supports a rich set of higher-level tools including Spark SQL for SQL and structured data processing, MLlib for machine learning, GraphX for graph processing, and Spark Streaming.

It is one of the hottest new trends in the technology domain. …

Sunny Singh

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