My brain has a built int Search Engine

It is interesting when you find out that your brain is not using its knowledge as a reference and instead it is using a Third Party database as a source of truth and only caches the correct and incorrect records :)


This is my situation nowadays I am using an outside database service as a reference for my knowledge and do not persist any facts inside my brain. I just cache them for while and then in the next fetch from third party database I do update my cache. My job is a software engineer and I wasn’t aware of these changes until I started learning how to cook. Actually I found out I m doing daily tasks as the way I search for a best practice for my software development issues.

I born in 80’s so consider me as someone who was reading a lot of references at the time of school and needed to remember those stuff for exams. at the time I was student teachers the school and even parents were teaching us to persist more blob of data into our head, a lot of algebra, physics, and geography for the hope of someday they will be used in our life and become handy.

As someone who always persisted things in his head. Right now I feel I am far far away from that idea. Nowadays instead of persisting data into my brain, I unconsciously improve the search algorithm in my brain and use the Memcached and ThirdParty Databases.

What exactly brain does for new problems:

  • First it checks is there any solution in the cache
  • If there is it will return it otherwise it will look for another cache
  • Which third-party services can I look for this problem is it Google or Youtube or Reddit or Medium and etc.
  • Then let’s search during search it will improve the cache and maybe find new sources which also those sources will be cached for later searches
  • and this iterates everyday and improves the search skill instead of saving a library of books into storage section of brain

Nowadays, the world around us is getting more and more complex and as a persons it is impossible to have solution for all day to day life problems, actually we cannot experience most of the problems twice to use the last time failure or success as a reference of truth and even if we have a same problem multiple of times there would be thousands of different solution for the same problem. So to find best practices in our daily life we cannot anymore trust on our own knowledge base, our brain as a reference.

Consider problems like marriage, growing kids, buying an apartment, car repair or even plant a flower and etc. All of them are now a sort of sophisticated problem or we don’t have time for learning them (in software language we cannot do try and catch to learn them).

Instead of referring to our own stored knowledge we are using a Web, search engines and any web site which contains best practices. So I found these days my brain only works on algorithms to search the outer database more efficient which ends up with more accurate information in less time. This algorithm improvement is for looking around to find more search interfaces or sources so my brain can use or combine together to find a better result.

The conclusion is my brain transitioned from a library of books to a search engine. I guess the current and next generations born with this ability and it’s up to us ( the old generation :D ) to update our methods of learning and thinking. This new way of thinking has a powerful weapon of self-improving and this feature enables anyone to not only uses the latest best-practices in his/her life also become more mature and wise during the time. At a younger age, people become more mature this is important fact that we need to consider because we need to sync ourselves with this change ( old generation :D , I am 34 and I feel I am old when I am talking about my 10 year old brother in law ).

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