Thanksgiving Dinners

Every year in the USA, my wife and I are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at someone’s house. We can always count on the same things happening.

When we offer to bring food to share; they say: “Don’t bother, we will make some rice for you.”

Having a Chinese couple share their Thanksgiving meal, they say, may make them feel like their holiday more traditional and authentic because we look like Native Americans.

Next to our plates there are always pair of wooden chopsticks that they got for free at a Chinese Buffet.

Sometimes they ask me: “Sunny, what’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?” When they see me puzzled, they laugh and say: “the turKEY!”.

Sometimes when they knew China doesn’t celebrate “thanksgiving holiday”, they were surprised. “Communists ruined everything,” they complainted. I said: “We don’t have enough turkeys to feed 1.3 billion people.” “You can make Tofukey!”, a turkey made from Tofu.

During the dinner, everyone would tell something they are thankful for what happened this year. After a few years we noticed our hosts are most happy if we express our gratefulness for having been included in their Thanksgiving dinner.

This year we will make our own Thanksgiving dinner and invite all our friends who have graciously shared their Thanksgiving dinners with us. We plan to prepare turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, smashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and rice pie. AND to honor their American tradition we will include a bottle of ketchup by each of their place settings.

During this thanksgiving season, I want to say, happy Thanksgiving and God bless you and this country. We are so grateful to be living here.

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