#MusicMemories: Time Travel Day 18

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky…

In my house growing up, Jimi Hendrix was god. His guitar a holy relic. His music hymns for the soul to feed upon.

I didn’t even know the Star Spangled Banner had lyrics until I entered school.

I love that my dad gave my little daughter a Jimi Hendrix CD when I bought her the first stereo for her room. He didn’t go out and purchase The Wiggles, or Elmo’s latest hits — no, he wasn’t that kind of Papa. He knew she required the proper religious upbringing.

Thinking back to my own childhood, the first big-girl bike I got for Christmas was purple. Naturally, I named it “Purple Haze” before I proceeded to go on my missions about the neighborhood to enlighten all the other children about the gospel of our savior.

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