#MusicMemories: Time Travel Day 23

Crushed It

I discovered R.E.M. in middle school. This would’ve been in the mid to late 80s.

Around this time, I was reading Frank Herbert, Kafka, Clarke, Orwell, and my favorite TV show was 21 Jump Street.

This would all collide one fateful evening as I watching Depp be adorable in an episode called A.W.O.L., when this pounding electric guitar broke through my bedroom doors with “Orange Crush.”

I was so happy.

R.E.M. was this amazing secret find that I felt I shared with my sister and a few select super cool friends. And then “Losing My Religion” came out, and it was all ruined. Then they got overplayed. Destroyed by overzealous radio DJs who couldn’t handle the coolness. Who weren’t prepared.

Side note: I own all the episodes of 21 Jump Street on DVD. However, they couldn’t get the rights for the music they used at the time the episodes aired (like R.E.M. and others), so it’s not quite the same watching them with crappy background instrumentals. My kids still really enjoyed the show, though.

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