#TinyChallenges: Day 13 of Ridding Myself

Getting Rid of Control & Ownership

Today I engaged in this unusual corporate workshop entitled “Peace & Love”.

I know. I almost didn’t go.

But, the invite came from someone I trust, and it involved free food.

However, I had an amazing time. We basically spent two hours passing around canvases and painting over each other’s work, based on minimal and strange instructions given by the artist conducting the workshop. It was frightening and scary and we were all completely vulnerable in that space. Painting and repainting over and over again. Sometimes destroying something beautiful, sometimes making something better.

In the end, I had this strange piece in front of me, and we were finally given some nice brushes and fresh paint — and ten whole minutes — to finish a piece.

Now I have something that’s a little bit of everyone I met in that class. Each stroke a little story, with meaning I might not completely comprehend, but I can appreciate. I am a steward of this artwork.

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