#TinyChallenges: Day 25 of Ridding Myself

All the cups. So many cups.

I had lunch today with a friend who asked how my tiny challenge was going, and then we quickly got into the people in our lives that were Hoarders.

I can’t imagine why.

She was telling me about her grandma, who is apparently fond of saving plastic fast food cups. I giggled. I blushed. I confessed.

My secret was out. My secret cupboard, the one that also houses a bunch of cookbooks I don’t even use anymore since Pinterest was invented, is littered with cups I just don’t have the heart to toss. Some of them, I believe, are genuine mementos — theme park cups that cost twenty bucks per watered down Coke. But, yeah. Probably don’t need to hang onto all these Jack in the Crack cups…

…except for one. For bathing the cat. Fast food cups are always perfect for pet bathing.

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