#TinyChallenges: Day 3 of Ridding Myself

Emptying the Fridge

Every other weekend, before my kids come home, I clean out the refrigerator and freezer — sometimes the cupboards — and get ready to feed my children properly. I like to cook dinner at least fives times throughout the week, and even though they don’t eat breakfast or lunch that often at my house, I like to have those things on hand. Preparations always start with me texting them:

Me: What do you want/need from store?

Them: idk (or) idc

Which means I buy what I hope they’ll eat, but usually end up hearing the complaint that I have nothing to eat whatsoever.

Obviously, I should probably stop buying fruits and vegetables. I’m not even sure what those things are in the plastic bags. Maybe they were once apples? Clearly they’ve moved past turning to the Dark Side and all the way to becoming part of the First Order.

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