#TinyChallenges: Day 7 of Ridding Myself

Why Can’t I Let Go?

I suppose a Head Shrinker would take one look at this (one of many) unnecessary stack of well-worn reading pillows and say that I clearly suffer from separation anxiety when it comes to objects that I have once loved. Perhaps because I have been torn from people and things I have loved in the past, and this is a pathetic way to control my current environment.

The real reasons I don’t throw away my old, used reading pillows are: 1) I go through them so quickly, it sort of feels like throwing away something new, and 2) they’re usually purchased as gifts for me by my children.

And, I suppose I secretly love that my kids have become little reading enablers. I also suspect they know it’s a great way to keep mom quiet and out of trouble.

But these should probably get donated to someone else who loves to read…

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