#TinyChallenges: December Person A Day

A BFF to Cover Your Tracks

Hiking in Mt. Charleston, Summer 2009

I’ve never been the type of person to hang out in large groups, run with the crowd — especially the cool crowd, or arrive en masse to a gathering full of people people people. I have enormous trust issues, which I won’t bother going into here, because I trust that no one reading this really cares about my trust issues.

But we all need SOMEBODY. We need that beacon of light when we’re drifting aimlessly at sea. We need a basecamp to regroup and focus our priorities. We need someone to keep our secrets and know where our keys are hidden. We need someone able and willing to delete embarrassing selfies and text messages if we end up in a coma.

My Person for today, and pretty much most days since the 5th grade, is Jai. I mean, at this point, she really has no other choice. We’re tied together like two shoestrings that have been through the mud and the wash and they’re just so tightly knotted you couldn’t separate them if you tried.

She’s the only person I know that still loves me, even after knowing what a horrible person I can be. And, for whatever reason, she believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. Sometimes, it’s her faith in me that can be the only thing that gets me through a project, a bad day, or a personal failure. She’ll actually look me dead in the eye, and almost in a slightly angry way, say to me, “I see you, Sunshine.”

(You have to picture the above line being spoken as she’s slightly bent over a diner plate that once contained a massive amount of pancakes. She’ll have both hands wrapped around a warm cup of black coffee, and we’ll both be seconds away from laughing at all the strange little things we sometimes allow to happen in our lives.)

It’s knowing that I have someone, a Someone who actually does see me — the real me. And that that someone cares about me, and wants to see me happy and thriving. It’s having someone that I know I’m here for, and that I can See being successful and true to herself. A someone that I would actually leave my cozy little house in the middle of the night for and drive across town at a moment’s notice. It’s the purpose of having and being a Someone.

How lucky were we that our souls should collide in this universe at this moment in time.

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