#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend

Almost There

As it stands, tomorrow promises to be a rainy day here in the desert. This pleases me. It always pleases me when we get rain, because it smells nice, and gives me a reason to stay inside while I stare outside and shake my head at the futility of a wasted day.

While, of course, secretly enjoying my time shut indoors.

When it rains here, it just simply freaks everyone out — making driving on the road dangerous, scary, and impossible. I’ve always enjoyed driving in poor conditions, but I originally grew up in the mountains. These people don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Inevitably, I get stuck behind some idiot guy going 45 in the passing lane in his big ridiculous Ford F150. Yes, he gets “the look” as I pass him by.

We’re so close to completing our challenge, but we’ve about had it up to “here”. Can we make it to Sunday? I’m not even really sure.

Being stuck at home will surely help.

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