#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend

They should pay me for this…

I’m hugely distracted by Pinterest. It’s one of the biggest reasons I own an iPad. I hesitate to confess how many hours I’ve dedicated to it. Needless to say, as the old joke goes, “They should be sending me my W2 any day now”.

It’s becoming even more relevant during this month because I’m also using it as a substitute shopping app — without the shopping part.

I love that castle!

I love that exotic foreign locale!

I love that wedding dress!

I’m obviously not making these purchases anytime soon.

Is there any harm in daydreaming? I think not. I’ve always used my daydreams to turn my goals into realities. I’m a big fan of envisioning an outcome — or multiple outcomes — and then making that a real eventuality.

Does that mean I’m never surprised or disappointed? Of course not.

Does that mean I’m running out of dreams and challenges? Never.

I mean, I just saw on Pinterest last night that you can actually visit and take a tour of all the “Indiana Jones” film locations in Sri Lanka.

I’m totally going.

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