#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend


Image I took of the Desert Wetlands Park

I decided to free up some space in my mind today, and change my perspective. I did this by physically changing my desk location at work.

I moved to a higher floor — better views of the city, the freeway (to keep my eye on traffic situations), and the mountains in the distance.

I moved from the East side of the building to the West side. My lighting situation is already greatly improved.

And, I’m now sitting with a new group of people. Some I already know very well, some I hardly know at all. But, they seem cool. I pointed out that I always have a candy bowl, so they greeted me with eager smiles.

I’m looking forward to this change, and I’m lucky that we’re allowed this freedom of movement where I work. I’ve already had a few visits from old neighbors, who’re contemplating joining me.

Maybe I’ll make this physical movement a regular thing? Like, twice a year — just pick up and relocate. Like the office gypsy.

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