#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend

Making Do

Before this challenge started, I asked my kids if they needed anything. They knew the rules we were going to live by. They knew I was committed. I specifically asked my son if he needed new socks.

Of course, he needs new socks.

He casually dropped this on me in the car on the way home from school, as my daughter gasped in shock — a smile on her face. Would I break down and head to Target? Would I scream and yell and lose my mind? Would he be in trouble?

I did get a little loud — but I just have a loud voice. But he wasn’t in trouble. And, I didn’t head to Target. Instead I made him search his room and play matchmaker with single socks until he could come up with five viable pairs.

Problem solved — for free.

Then my precious child says to me, “I need new shoes. I broke mine.”

I looked to the skies above, and prayed to the gods old and new, that I would not break down and try to return him to the hospital.

This time, we dusted off my old sewing kit, and took a look at our resources. The shoes weren’t completely destroyed — he’d only split one of the shoelace holes.

In the end, with some thread — and glue & staples as back up — the shoes were as good as new. No shopping required.

Over the weekend, my lovely boy told me he doesn’t have enough shirts that fit him.

A withering stare seemed to solve this issue. Again, FOR FREE.