#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend


I’m going to be the first person to admit that I really didn’t think I’d be able to complete this challenge successfully. However, I think that the careful planning, and holding myself accountable through these posts (and our #tinychallenges community), made it work in the end.

First, I’d like to run some numbers of approximate savings:

Not buying coffee: $85

Eating free food and/or bringing my own lunch to work: $100

Making all our meals at home, rather than going out/fast food: $815

Buying only fresh groceries vs. processed foods: $1000

Not shopping for clothes, jewelry, etc. items I don’t need: $???

When it comes to the money, I was really shocked to learn how much I’m capable of wasting. I was a little less surprised that my health improved a bit from not eating so much garbage.

I’m very proud of my kids for having patience, eating my food, and rising to this challenge by finding innovative ways to deal with issues that they would normally solve by asking me to open my wallet.

Because this was such a successful challenge for my family, I anticipate doing this at least twice a year from now on. April was a good time — a great way to save up for summer. And, I think October would be another good month — in order to save for the holidays.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank all of my friends, family, and coworkers for putting up with me this month. And, to everyone who read and liked my blog posts — it’s always fun opening that Stats page :)

Since we saved so much money, and we were able to get ahead in a lot of ways (such as car payments), I’m rewarding my kids with a trip to Disneyland this summer.

(For myself, I just want some damn french toast sticks from Burger King. I’ll be awake at dawn.)

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