#TinyChallenges: The April No-Spend

The “Karma Adventure”

This morning, we woke up early and headed out to this small town in the middle of the desert that houses a small animal sanctuary/zoo. My kids and I were there to volunteer as “zookeepers for the day”, AKA pooper scoopers.

I’m very fortunate that my company offers a program that makes volunteering for various nonprofits accessible by coordinating with these groups and arranging for what they call “Karma Adventures”. They’ve recently opened this program up for family members, as well.

Overall, I think the kids ended up enjoying themselves. Other than yard work and housework, they don’t do much as far as manual labor. And, it’s important for them to learn the value of hard work, and giving back to our community.

We ended our day at dinner with grandma. She insisted on taking us out, which I normally balk at — but this kept me within challenge limits. Plus, it’s grandma. I can’t say No to grandma.

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