Work Advice for My 17 Year Old Daughter

Photo credit: Me

Trust me on this:

  • Rejection is never about you. It’s about them. This has been the hardest thing for me to figure out.
  • Teach others what you know so you can stop doing those things and move on to newer things.
  • Always say Yes to a new assignment that scares you. You can do it.
  • Don’t be territorial about your work. It merely shows insecurity.
  • Ignore petty people. And you needn’t suffer fools. They are usually one and the same.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even when it seems too late. Everyone has something to teach you.
  • Always remember that success is the best revenge. If someone’s trying to pull you down, they only want you on their level. Don’t fall for it.
  • Never fear change. Change is opportunity in disguise.
  • Be loyal to those who’ve been kind to you. Unless they ask you to do something that would ruin you, which would be terribly unkind.
  • The first man that sexually harasses you, knee him in the nuts. Knee him HARD. Because 1. Fuck that job who hired that asshole, and 2. You’ll forever be blessed with a look in your eye that will let other men know that you have a knee ready for their nuts.
  • Once you consciously take the word Sorry out of your vocabulary, your dialogue with others will change. You will begin to operate with more intention.
  • The fine line between humility and bragging lives within your ability to prove yourself through hard work, giving credit where credit is due, treating others fairly, and never expecting any Thank You’s.
  • Always say Thank You.
  • Be the first to acknowledge your mistakes. You’ll learn more and people will love you for it.
  • Always assume you’re in charge.
  • When you get bored, and you will, ask if there’s something you can help with.
  • Never spend too much time in one spot. You’re not a mushroom.
  • If a couple of bros start making penis jokes in a meeting, deliver the “I’ve got a knee for your nuts” look immediately.
  • Don’t hold grudges. Nobody cares.
  • Always endeavor to make others feel good about themselves. It costs you nothing. It could be the only nice thing about their day.
  • Unless they’ve blatantly broken the law, let the jerks be jerks. They will reveal themselves. You’re not the only one who knows.
  • Make it abundantly clear that you’re terrible at cleaning, decorating desks, and cooking. Unless your career expressly entails one of these three skills. In which case, you do you booboo.
  • Trust your gut. It knows more than I do.