Of Course America Runs on Misogyny
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

“Her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry"

“Men who continue to insist that misogyny is rare or that #notallmen hate women need to take so many seats.”




: unfair treatment of people becauseof their sex ; especially : unfairtreatment of women

Full Definition

1 : prejudice or discrimination basedon sex; especially : discriminationagainst women2 : behavior, conditions, or attitudesthat foster stereotypes of social rolesbased on sex




: a hatred of women

(Compared to)




noun: misandry

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).

"her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry" <(this is part of the definition and not my quote)

“Every woman knows that that in order for mediocre dicks like Trump to stay hard, lesser men need to help hold women down.”

I am a thriving full time father of two beautiful daughters. They will never think like this, because the woman I am committed to is a genius, because I do not hate women, and because the men in my children’s lives are good men. I know because I choose the men they get to be around. She (the woman in my life) was raised right, and she was raised by her father, a true man. He is still here for her today when she needs him.

A true feminist can rise above without the use of implicit hatred. I know the woes of dealing with irrational, and stubborn men. I cannot keep a job for more than three months because of men in positions of power treating me like trash. Therefore I become disposable. Don’t settle, don’t decide that you can win every battle. You cannot. There is a place in the world for everyone. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, leave. If you find yourself in situation you know you cannot win, win by saving yourself.

“This article only perpetuates the exact situation you are trying to free yourself from.”

“If you respond with hatred you only prove who you really are. You can only speak for yourself.”