I Am Here 2 Read About Other People’s Problems
Tim Barrus

Big bear hugs from outer space. I adore how this oozes with bitter-sweet chocolate. It is what it is, and it is chuckle worthy. I also know what a carbonara is but I spell it carburateur. Jell-O shots are blue. Cheep cheep. Always wanted to go to Brazil. James will build a good plane. I love plants. Weeds are a nuisance except when they are edible. Naughty kids are delightful. Allergies suck. Medium needs those laxatives you found- send them to Ev and matters might be relieved. (Not). Shakespeare and chivalry are dead as is the Mayor of Casterbridge and Prince.

I’m looking for Strawberry Fields, but Lucy wants diamonds and Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie are lonely people. I’m the fool on the hill. The sounds of silence.

Imagine we want a revolution.

Nobody listens. I yelled.

Kick them and Let it Be.

Let’s drive.

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